E-Bike Shop in Warszawa

E-Bike Shop in Warszawa

We carry the finest electric bikes in production today. Our bikes are manufactured in Poland and Czech Republik using advanced technlogy. They feature the very latest in space-age battery technology with LiFePO4 battery packs, and they offer an unbeatable package pertaining to quality, value, and warranty. Check them out!

We are real Shop. We have real Experience.  We are not just an Online Shop.  That is no joke. It is our mission.  We have been in the pedelec  business since 2014  and we know what we are doing. We sell only the high quality products, and we personally stand behind every product we sell.  We also service personally every product we sell.

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We sell:

Urban e-bikes,      
Touristric e-bikes,
Foldable e-bikes,
MTB electric bikes
Cruiser style electric bikes




The Electric Bike Advantage
A few reasons why an electric bikes may be your most practical and convenient form of local transportation.

The automobile is the top contributor to local air, water, and noise pollution.
Many cars are being used by individuals for trips of few kilometers.  Replacing the high impact of a single passenger car with the low impact of a pedelec  will make a positive difference for both – you and environment..


An electric bike is a very seductive form of exercise.  You won’t ever need to force yourself to get on the bike. You’ll want to.  By removing the hassles of parking and traffic, and adding the endorphins of an easy bike ride, an electric bike can fight stress and increase your overall sense of well being!


Saving Time
Electric bikes are time saving practical transportation. They eliminate the time spent looking for parking. They eliminate time waiting for the bus. They eliminate time spent waiting at traffic lights.  Traffic jams can be avoided via side streets. Riding on the bike you can do many things “by the way”


Saving Money
Operating an electric bike costs pennies.  It will cost you 20-30 zloty per month if you riede 50 km per day It will pay for itself within a 1-2 years.


Electric bicycles are simple and quick.. It will  carry two big bike bags of groceries and whatever else you want to load on the racks.  They can also carry a child-seat or tow a child trailer which means the whole family can partake in the fun!

Parking ceases to be a hassle since bikes and scooters easily find parking.  In many urban areas, parking is often something valuable beyond a price tag.


With the power of the motor supplementing your pedaling, you’ll be able to comfortably ride up hills that you might not even attempt on a traditional bike.  Arriving at your destination free of sweat and refreshed or going for a long bike ride with your family or friends.



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